Expats Find Jobs in Germany at expatjobseeker.de [My New Project]

As an expat living and working in Germany myself for the last 5 years, I am very happy and motivated to now be helping other expats find jobs in Germany with my new project expatjobseeker.de.


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Super Motivated by SearchLove in London

Shit, I have not written a blog post in literally over a year. But hey whatever – I am back and re-engergized. I feel like I have learned so much in the last year – personally and professionally.

Selfie with Rand Fishkin Found of MOZ

Selfie with Rand Fishkin, Online Marketing Genius and Founder of Moz.com (photobombed by @phillmaddick)

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M-Commerce Sees Significant Growth, In Part Attributed to Search Engines

According to new m-commerce research, more and more people are buying products through mobile optimized websites and smartphone and tablet apps as opposed to shopping on desktop websites. And the huge growth of m-commerce is in part attributed to search engines. The time for m-commerce is now.
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Billions in New M-Commerce Sales, Almost Tenth of All E-commerce

m_commerceIt’s pretty cool working in the new industry of m-commerce with Shopgate , and it’s even cooler when new statistics come out which show a strong future for the industry you are working in. (For those of my friends who may not know what m-commerce is, the “m” stands for mobile and “m-commerce” basically means online shopping on a mobile device, whether through a mobile optimized website or app on your smartphone or tablet.)
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New Job in M-Commerce, New Opportunities at Shopgate

shopgate_logoThree years after beginning my career in online marketing at Yalwa GmbH, an online solution for local needs, I recently started a new job at Shopgate Inc., a mobile shopping company where I can build on gained knowledge and experience and contribute to a rapidly developing industry.
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5 Tips On Being An Awesome Employee

This is my last week at my first job since I graduated from college. It has been a huge learning experience, and I am leaving now to take on a new job with new challenges in my effort to elevate myself professionally.
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3 Creative Ways To Promote Your Business Online For Free

businessmemeThere are many ways to advertise your company online for free, but to stay ahead of the competition, you should be more creative with your online presence.


As a small business, it’s great whenever you discover a new online free directory to promote your company because the additional exposure can only help you rank higher in search engines for the services you provide. However, this should not be your ultimate strategy if you want to be a leader online for your niche. Surely, you have noticed that online free directories are filled with many other businesses that provide the same services you do. Therefore, you should not only be everywhere your competitors are, but ahead of them by being more creative with your online advertising strategy.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are 3 free online opportunities to take advantage of:

Google+ Hangouts
What is it? Google+ Hangouts is a video chat feature of the social network Google+ which allows people to have a video chat with multiple people at the same time. Users can access Hangouts from their Gmail account, Google+ page, and even through the Google+ mobile app with Android or iOS.

Why is it valuable? You can organize a Hangout with your customers on Google+ to further engage them. Hangouts allow you to provide fresh content to keep your loyal customers interested in your services. It allows you to directly engage your users through video and allows them to easily share your interaction with others. Furthermore, as social metrics become more important for better ranking in the search engines, you receive SEO benefits from your customers sharing your Hangouts content.

Yalwa Company of the Week
What is it? Yalwa Company of the Week is a feature offered by Yalwa, a free online business directory that allows businesses in the Yalwa directory to apply for free to become featured in the Yalwa blog, get special featured placement in the Yalwa directory, and be promoted on all of Yalwa’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

Why is it valuable? The features that you would get for free as Company of The Week usually must be purchased as premium features available on the main directory website.


What is it? Infogr.am offers chart and infographic generators for free.

Why is it valuable? Infographics allow a business to present information about their niche in an interesting way. Infogr.am allows you to create Infographics easily and does not require design skills. The more interesting your infographic is, the more it will be shared and linked to by experts in your niche, and this is great for SEO.