Introducing my new résumé site:

From now on my official site/online résumé will be at

This post is just an SEO test

I got this university job research page to reference my website recently. I know there is a search engine optimization benefit to getting other websites to link to you. However, I noticed the last time Google saw this job research page was on August 18th, so it has not yet seen that my page has been linked from that site, therefore I haven’t received any SEO benefit:

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Expats Find Jobs in Germany at [My New Project]

As an expat living and working in Germany myself for the last 5 years, I am very happy and motivated to now be helping other expats find jobs in Germany with my new project

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Super Motivated by SearchLove in London

Shit, I have not written a blog post in literally over a year. But hey whatever – I am back and re-engergized. I feel like I have learned so much in the last year – personally and professionally.

Selfie with Rand Fishkin Found of MOZ

Selfie with Rand Fishkin, Online Marketing Genius and Founder of (photobombed by @phillmaddick)

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M-Commerce Sees Significant Growth, In Part Attributed to Search Engines

According to new m-commerce research, more and more people are buying products through mobile optimized websites and smartphone and tablet apps as opposed to shopping on desktop websites. And the huge growth of m-commerce is in part attributed to search engines. The time for m-commerce is now.
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Billions in New M-Commerce Sales, Almost Tenth of All E-commerce

m_commerceIt’s pretty cool working in the new industry of m-commerce with Shopgate , and it’s even cooler when new statistics come out which show a strong future for the industry you are working in. (For those of my friends who may not know what m-commerce is, the “m” stands for mobile and “m-commerce” basically means online shopping on a mobile device, whether through a mobile optimized website or app on your smartphone or tablet.)
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New Job in M-Commerce, New Opportunities at Shopgate

shopgate_logoThree years after beginning my career in online marketing at Yalwa GmbH, an online solution for local needs, I recently started a new job at Shopgate Inc., a mobile shopping company where I can build on gained knowledge and experience and contribute to a rapidly developing industry.
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