I’m back, plus Codeacademy is awesome

So I totally abandoned this blog for like two years. I’m back.  I was inspired by another William & Mary Alumni who has been keeping a blog going, it’s pretty cool (Check it out!). I’m going to start writing every day again, only difference is I am just going to write about whatever I feel like writing about. Forget having a few specific topics (“Ain’t nobody got time for dat!“). No rules, more fun. Enjoy.

Codeacademy is Awesome




So there is a website out there that helps you learn how to code/develop/program awesome web/software applications and shit like that.  Why is that cool? Why isn’t it? I am super hyped about it in particular because I work in the Internet industry currently as an online marketing manager, and it’s great to finally learn something that will make me less dependent on our developers to get shit done (They do a fabulous job though, i just want to be fabulous too 😉 ). Plus having this coding knowledge will allow me to finally code into reality some of my own great ideas I have had for quite some time.  Codeacademy offers all kinds of courses from Html to PHP to Ruby. I’m currently learning Javascript, already 31% complete with this course already and I’m loving it.



If you want to catch up with me you better start Codeacademy now!  


3 responses to “I’m back, plus Codeacademy is awesome

  1. So glad you are back! Great words. Appreciate the Codeacademy info. Eager to hear more from you

  2. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
    Codeacademy sounds awesome. I used to make webpages for fun and I miss it! I will check out the site for sure.

  3. I love codeacademy. Welcome back. Totally.

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