Awesome Movie: Wreck-It Ralph

This movie has been out for a while, but today I finally saw the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph and it was awesome!

Meet Ralph


Ralph is a video game character in an old-school classic arcade game where all he does his destroy stuff. He is basically the bad guy, and all other video game characters treat my boy Ralph like shit. Eventually, Ralph says enough is enough, and he sets out to be a good guy to gain the respect of the other video game characters.

It’s a great film, a lot of fun to watch, especially if you grew up playing video games like myself. In the movie there are a lot of cool cameo appearances from famous video game characters. The movie also has a nice theme which is that it’s better to be a first rate version of yourself than a second rate version of someone else.

If you like awesome movies, check out Wreck-It Ralph!

Wreck-It Ralph Trailer


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