3 Harlem Shakes You Might Have Missed

549952_10200808136754081_1222709761_nSo, between my birthday and now, a lot has happened that I should have blogged about, but I am doing it now so its all good 🙂
First, The Wolfpack and I did the Harlem Shake for my birthday, and then we did an even bigger shake for the city of Wiesbaden. We even took to the road to shake up Turin, Italy (LIKE A BOSS) where we randomly combined our Harlem Shake forces with Germany’s BVB Dortmund U17 soccer team.
Harlem Shake for My Birthday

Harlem Shake – Kurhaus – Wiesbaden, Germany

Harlem Shake Piazza Castello Turin, Italy – BVB Dortmund U17

Which Harlem Shake did you like most? Let me know by leaving a comment below 😉


4 responses to “3 Harlem Shakes You Might Have Missed

  1. The Italy one, hands down shawty

  2. I liked the Wiesbaden one the most because it is crazy with lots of characters and every time I watch it, I discover something different.

    • Good point, there are some crazy characters in there that I also didn’t notice the first time around. To be honest I think everyone who participated watched themselves during their first view, I know I did haha, like “damn did I really just do all that?”

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