My Asia Trip: The Most Handsome Movie Trailers

In May, I made my first ever trip to Asia, where I visited Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Philippines…IN 3 WEEKS…LIKE A BOSS!

In this short time I visited 3 islands, 8 cities, rode 8 boats, and took 13 flights! This doesn’t count all the taxi, Tuk-Tuk, Jeepny, and motorized tricycle rides to get everywhere. In the end, it was all worth the terrible transportation situation and I had a handsome time, especially because I was joined by my friends Manuel, Jennifer, and Sebastian.

In fact, it was so handsome that I made a movie about the trip. Here are the different trailers for that movie:

Trailer 1 – Journey To Asia Bitches






Trailer 2 – All The Asians In The House Say HOOOOOO






Trailer 3 – I’m In Hong Kong Bitch






Trailer 4 – Same Same But Different






Trailer 5 – N%€#$’S In Manilla






Which movie trailer did you like best? Share in a comment below.


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