5 Tips On Being An Awesome Employee

This is my last week at my first job since I graduated from college. It has been a huge learning experience, and I am leaving now to take on a new job with new challenges in my effort to elevate myself professionally.

As I thought about how I would say goodbye to my current colleagues, I reflected on my experiences over the last three years to see what advice I might have for the newer employees.
My advice to those of you who are just starting a career is to become awesome at it by learning as much as you can from every working experience, specifically, by following these 5 tips:
5 Tips On Being An Awesome Employee

  1. Be a good team player. Never take anything personally, always ask for feedback on how you are doing, for tips on how to work better, and be open to any constructive criticism. Get to know everyone as much as possible in order to work with them in the most effective way. Remember, the ultimate goal is to deliver results that bring the company forward.

  3. Take initiative, ownership, and defense of the tasks and things you believe in without being asked. Don’t just do what is expected, try to exceed expectations whenever possible.

  5. Take advantage of the independence you are given to be creative in your contributions to the company. Shake things up, introduce new strategies and product ideas, and take the company in new positive directions.

  7. Work smarter and more efficiently to deliver more results. Always ask yourself “how can I do this better and faster?” Follow the examples set by successful coworkers. Always read about new tactics and industry news online to stay ahead of the game.

  9. Use this job opportunity to identify the things you want to do and don’t want to do for the rest of your professional career.

What do you think it takes to be an awesome employee? Please share your tips in a comment below for the benefit of us all. Thanks!


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