New Job in M-Commerce, New Opportunities at Shopgate

shopgate_logoThree years after beginning my career in online marketing at Yalwa GmbH, an online solution for local needs, I recently started a new job at Shopgate Inc., a mobile shopping company where I can build on gained knowledge and experience and contribute to a rapidly developing industry.

In my new role as Online Marketing and BizDev Manager I am leading new online marketing and partnership efforts in the United States.

As the use of phones and tablets for online shopping continue to grow significantly, so does the need for mobile optimized shopping experiences. Shopgate offers online shops solutions to go mobile to maximize their sales.

Click here to view the full infographic.

Through Shopgate, e-commerce sites can also become m-commerce sites by getting a mobile optimized website, and smartphone and tablet apps. Shopgate mobile commerce solutions also come with marketing tools and features such as qr code shopping and the Shopgate Marketplace App to help online stores increase their sales.

One of the coolest parts of working at Shopgate is that I get to work in a 15th century castle, like a knight who does marketing.


I also really like the people I work with at Shopgate, everyone is helpful and the work atmosphere is a fun one.


Do you think our phones and tablets are the future of online shopping? Have you ever bought anything on your phone? Would love to get your thoughts on mobile commerce in a comment below.


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