Billions in New M-Commerce Sales, Almost Tenth of All E-commerce

m_commerceIt’s pretty cool working in the new industry of m-commerce with Shopgate , and it’s even cooler when new statistics come out which show a strong future for the industry you are working in. (For those of my friends who may not know what m-commerce is, the “m” stands for mobile and “m-commerce” basically means online shopping on a mobile device, whether through a mobile optimized website or app on your smartphone or tablet.)

ComScore, a technology measuring company, has released new data about Q2 2013 online retail spending. They reported approximately $50 billion in e-commerce sales, a 16% increase from last year, and $4.7 billion in m-commerce sales, a 24% increase from last year. These latest figures put m-commerce at about 10% of all online sales.


If you are wondering what the hell everyone is buying on their phones, the report revealed that the fashion and accessories product category accounted for $700 million in m-commerce sales. Runner-up product categories include electronics and digital content.

I’m happy about these statistics because they strongly support the argument that online retailers need to go mobile to maximize their sales, a need that my company has a solution for. By which year do you think mobile sales will overtake traditional online sales through a desktop website?


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