M-Commerce Sees Significant Growth, In Part Attributed to Search Engines

According to new m-commerce research, more and more people are buying products through mobile optimized websites and smartphone and tablet apps as opposed to shopping on desktop websites. And the huge growth of m-commerce is in part attributed to search engines. The time for m-commerce is now.

Recent retail data shows that mobile web sales for 18 online shops increased by approximately 60% in July 2013 compared to July 2012. The July data from these 18 online shops also reveals that in general more and more people are using their mobile devices to shop online, with mobile visits accounting for about 35% (14 million) of just over 41 million total visits.

In regards to mobile conversion rates, the July 2012-to-2013 data also shows an increase in the conversion rate for smartphones from .38% to .43%, for tablets from 1.44% to 1.46%, and for desktops from 1.91% to 1.96%.

Looking deeper at the data, when it comes to iOS vs. Android m-commerce performance, Apple’s iPhone represented about 77% of July 2013 smartphone traffic and 75% of revenue for the 18 online shops as opposed to 30% of traffic and 22% of revenue for Google’s Android.

In response to mobile growth statistics, Andrea Anderheggen, founder and CEO of Shopgate m-commerce solutions, attributed changes in search engine practices as a contributing factor in the growth of mobile commerce, saying “The significance of mobile search queries is growing rapidly. Some of our 5,000 merchants report mobile search traffic of 20 to 25 %. In 2015, almost all online merchants will report similar or even higher numbers. It only makes sense that in its efforts to identify the most relevant search results, Google expects a reaction from merchants regarding this growing mobile trend. If an online shop has 15 to 20% of mobile traffic but doesn’t offer a mobile optimized shop which actually really converts visits into customers and ultimately into revenue, the shop might as well just close down for a whole day out of the week.”


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