Super Motivated by SearchLove in London

Shit, I have not written a blog post in literally over a year. But hey whatever – I am back and re-engergized. I feel like I have learned so much in the last year – personally and professionally.

Selfie with Rand Fishkin Found of MOZ

Selfie with Rand Fishkin, Online Marketing Genius and Founder of (photobombed by @phillmaddick)

Anyways. I definitely want to keep blogging and really focus more on creating quality posts instead of quantity – as I think you have already gathered because I don’t remember the last time I was pumping out a blog post every week.

So…why the hell am I writing a post all of a sudden? What inspired me? Well, I had the great pleasure and privilege of attending the SearchLove conference presented by Distilled in London last week (side note: London is fucking awesome, cant wait to visit this amazing city again). SearchLove is an annual conference in which several of the world’s top thought leaders and innovators in online marketing take the time to share their best insights, tips, practices and predictions – mostly as it pertains to SEO.

searchlove 2014 london speakers

Speakers at SearchLove London

I left the two day conference with a bunch of new ideas and direction to help bring forward my employer HolidayCheck, but I also left super motivated with a solid foundation of knowledge to build and market products from my own ideas – stay tuned for those products!!!

But yea, the point is, well the two points I want to make to you are:

1. Go to SearchLove if you are working in online marketing for a company or have your own product that you wish to promote online. This conference will give you the motivation, direction and even the specific tools you need to meet your online marketing challenges.

2. If you have your own ideas for a product and you have been holding off because you either don’t think you have enough knowledge, money, or whatever – just go for it – and think of it this way >> you can spend your life working to build someone else’s dreams or your can build your own.

More pics from SearchLove:

Got to Meet Will Critchlow, Online Marketing Genius, CEO and Founder of

Got to Meet Will Critchlow, Online Marketing Genius, CEO and Founder of (Organizer of SearchLove London)

Selfie with Sarah Bird  at SearchLove London

Selfie with Sarah Bird, CEO of

networking at SearchLove 2014 London

Networking with Magnus and Phillip at SearchLove London


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