Expats Find Jobs in Germany at expatjobseeker.de [My New Project]

As an expat living and working in Germany myself for the last 5 years, I am very happy and motivated to now be helping other expats find jobs in Germany with my new project expatjobseeker.de.


How does expatjobseeker.de work?

It is really straight forward. I divided the site into three main parts:

  1. Jobs

    – Here expats can search for any type of job in any city in Germany using the search form at the top of the page, or people can browse the jobs by language category which is convenient because a lot of companies in Germany hire expats for their ability to speak non-German languages such as English that these companies are targeting with their products.

  2. Companies

    – See a list of companies offering jobs in Germany and view jobs offered by each company.

  3. Resumes

    – Here you will find resumes of expats in Germany. This section is great for companies searching for expats to fill their native speaker roles – they can event contact expats directly through their profile on expatjobseeker.de This section is also useful just for expats to network and connect with each other.

I am excited about the future of expatjobseeker.de and how I can use it to help make finding a job in Germany easier for expats.

If you or an expat you know is looking to network or find a job in Germany, please check out or invite the person you know to check out jobs in Germany and post a resume at expatjobseeker.de 


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