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My Asia Trip: The Most Handsome Movie Trailers

In May, I made my first ever trip to Asia, where I visited Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Philippines…IN 3 WEEKS…LIKE A BOSS!

In this short time I visited 3 islands, 8 cities, rode 8 boats, and took 13 flights! This doesn’t count all the taxi, Tuk-Tuk, Jeepny, and motorized tricycle rides to get everywhere. In the end, it was all worth the terrible transportation situation and I had a handsome time, especially because I was joined by my friends Manuel, Jennifer, and Sebastian.

In fact, it was so handsome that I made a movie about the trip. Here are the different trailers for that movie:

Trailer 1 – Journey To Asia Bitches






Trailer 2 – All The Asians In The House Say HOOOOOO






Trailer 3 – I’m In Hong Kong Bitch






Trailer 4 – Same Same But Different






Trailer 5 – N%€#$’S In Manilla






Which movie trailer did you like best? Share in a comment below.


Introducing “Django’ing”

Are you experiencing exhaustion from too many Harlem Shake videos? Are you ready for something new?
In Italy, The Wolfpack and I drank a lot of beer, and it was whilst operating as a ‘Drink Tank’ (as a opposed to a ‘Think Tank’) that we invented…
By now you have seen this movie and this famous scene where “young Django” throws off his cloth as he is walking. If you don’t know it, you gonna learn today! Here it is:
Django throws off cloth like a BOSS (at second 56 in the video)

Like I said, we were operating a ‘Drink Tank’ when we came up with the following:
Django’ing – World Premiere

Can you do a better Django? Let’s see it then! Post a link to your Django video in a comment below like a BOSS!

3 Harlem Shakes You Might Have Missed

549952_10200808136754081_1222709761_nSo, between my birthday and now, a lot has happened that I should have blogged about, but I am doing it now so its all good 🙂
First, The Wolfpack and I did the Harlem Shake for my birthday, and then we did an even bigger shake for the city of Wiesbaden. We even took to the road to shake up Turin, Italy (LIKE A BOSS) where we randomly combined our Harlem Shake forces with Germany’s BVB Dortmund U17 soccer team.
Harlem Shake for My Birthday

Harlem Shake – Kurhaus – Wiesbaden, Germany

Harlem Shake Piazza Castello Turin, Italy – BVB Dortmund U17

Which Harlem Shake did you like most? Let me know by leaving a comment below 😉

My Birthday and The A-Team

I wasn’t sure if we still sang the “happy birthday” song at my office, you know, that being time you could be doing something more efficient, like actually working haha.
But to my surprise, some of my most gangster colleagues showed up to my desk and sang this song to me (They sang it efficiently too I might add!)

Haha, then they presented me with a picture of how any team of male employees in an Internet Startup should naturally view themselves:


Awesome start to my birthday, thanks guys!!!